dealsfathead wall graffix reusable cut-out wall decals…


Fathead. Not just for sports fans anymore. I would get one if I wasn't about to move.


Great prices. The full size Joker would be a great practical joke on someone you want to scare the crap out of. Let them go to sleep, put the decal up, shine a light up under the face and yell really loud to wake them up to see Joker leering at them. yikes


I am so tempted to buy several but my wallet is telling me enough is enough.


@cowboydann: Oh come on, you know you want to. It's Mr. J...


@dreamyvelvet: Good luck with that. It would only work if the person is easily frightened and has no sense of smell. We have a Fathead up in the house and that room smelled like vinyl for 2 days. This is not a knock at Fathead's products, they just smell for a little bit.

Nice thought but would never happen.