dealsdragon and tentacle ear wraps for $20.99


.......I bought it when it was $29.99
*sad face

The design is not very neatly done, otherwise it woudlve been better


I wore the Dragon to Renn faire this year and it was a smashing hit. this was back when it was full price. at this price it's a steal. don't bother with the cheap knock-offs you may find elsewhere, these two are designed and made by alchemy gothic and are quality pieces of pewter jewellery


i own the amazon dragons lure, while definitely worth the $2 i paid, it took over a month to deliver and is definitely not the same as the brand name version on thinkgeek by alchemy gothic. the dragons lure is not pewter, is smaller than the dragon wrap, is not as detailed or intricate.

to say these are the in the same league would be like trying to pawn off Shenzhen miPgones as Apple iPhones as saying "hey, you know you can get the same thing for $50"