dealsbarnes and noble bnrv200 nook 7in color ereader…


It's a good price but none of them come with ac adapter or usb charging cable. You need their special cable to fast charge it. That makes this a less great deal but still a fun tablet/ereader that easily runs cm10 jellybean off of a SD card (or internal memory).


When I posted the deal there were quite a few that had the AC adapters and cables. They always disappear 1st. I grabbed 5 for family members and will start making the cards to go in them from mine.


I rooted mine a year ago, after warily running in dual boot mode for a month. Done 1 upgrade since, now running overclocked w/ a bluetooth keyboard- something you can't do with the stock Color. Crashed twice in all that time and it's always recovered.
Never look back!