dealsbunny couple on couch sculpture | love bunnies…


Seriously, what's with all the bunnies? We just stated Lent not even a week ago. This is like Christmas shopping in July.


Even if the "bunny/crab/etc" thing were funny the first time (it never has been), mindless repetition ad nauseum ≠ funny ("Whaaaaat? Another bunny reference! How zany and hilarious!)

This isn't in defense of deals, but of humor. Woot has always been exceptionally witty, and memes like this are plain insulting. Please, please stop. Please.


If the scuplture was even moderately attractive, it would be worth it. But the fact that I cringed when I looked at the main pic on the site... Definitely no. Looks like the mouth and eyes were made with the sculptures long fingernails. vomits


The craftsmanship is that of a fourth grader. Maybe it's for people who wish their kids or nieces or nephews would make them things for the holidays


the crab thing was complete insanity. Your analogy of x-mas shopping in july and easter bunnies after lent starts, is also insane.


@aw3somex: Agreed. The bunny items make perfect sense.

However, this ... thing... is more nightmare fodder than bunny.


It's so tiny.

•Approx. 3" H x 3" W