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I really don't need something sticking out an inch or two below my faucet...

And cue the standard comments about DailySteals in 3... 2... 1...


An EBAY sponsored deal?

Is this a first?


I don't know why but I bought two.


Why would you buy this useless piece of junk?

I bought one though...


Will likely short out in three months but for for two bucks and free sbipping I'm in for one.


Bad reviews on this item. I have not bought one before because I saw that these are battery operated and the battery either dies quickly, or water leaks into it and the whole thing just breaks. Also not very good if you have a shallow sink. Kinda looks ugly if you ask me.

If you really want one, they have ones with built in generators that solve the battery problem. Plus they have more than just 2 colors...


EDIT: The one that I have is NOT battery powered. Thanks @mavislee for the head's up.


I've got one of these (and one of the shower heads), and they are kind of cool. Mine actually lasted me about a year and a half before it just stopped working. I'll probably buy one just to replace the non-working one that I have now. People who visit and use the sink tend to enjoy the colors.


@danbooke2001: My mistake. I thought this was the section of the site where we were supposed to talk about the product and our opinions of it.


Does it have a colorblind mode?


Mine lasted about 2 weeks before I had to put new batteries in. It does cast a bright, colored, nice looking light on objects. I paid more for mine. Kind of a neat toy, if it was more durable and less of a battery hog. I bought mine through a different company.


I got one of these from daily steals. The first one they sent me didn't have the battery pack. So I called the company and they mailed me another one. Worked wonderful for about a month then died. Generally it would take it a while to turn on.


eh cost me .29c after unused ebay bucks, i'll live if it doesnt work right.


i always wanted my water to look like blood


Im in for one to use at Halloween! Only needs to work during that time of year so should fit my purpose.


I wonder at what temperature it goes from blue to red. This might be useful for my toddler who always turns the water too hot to wash his hands. Too bad there's no purple for "perfect" handwashing temperature.


I had one of these. It lasted about a year before enough water got into the battery compartment to short it out.

A neat little accessory if your sink is deep enough to handle it.


Bought two of these about a year ago. Cheap construction, cool to look at, but neither of mine would seat on the faucet properly. End result was my sink became a pressure-washer.


@meanolthing: I'll second this finding. I bought it and it did not fit any of my faucets.


Why would anyone put a suppressor on a faucet?


I had a bad experience with Daily Steals. They shipped me a broken product (literally, the steam cleaner I ordered was broken in half) and have since refused to answer my emails. Completely untrustworthy.


bought one of these from thinkgeek way back when, they actually work pretty well. however if you have hard water they'll pick up a lot of deposits which stops them from working til you clean them. soft water works like a charm.


Got one like this. The "universal" adapters are not.