dealscrocs santa cruz realtree shoes for $19.99 + free…


Just when you thought crocs couldn't get any less appealing... camo


At least I can hide the fact I'm wearing crocs when I'm in the woods.


oh crocs, how i love to habitually downvote thee


Better not misplace these when out hiking or camping.


These shoes just keep getting uglier and uglier.


I gotta say this, I have one pair of crocs. It's this pair in a brown fabric. I bought them through woot. It is the only pair of shoes I have bought in the last 5 years with an exception of a pair of Merrill Mules that I love. All other shoes I own have been purchased by my personal shopper. (my wife!) I have no fashion sense or style judgement due to a hereditary lack of skills in that way. My wife, who is a lover of all shoes that are sexy and extremely pointy in both toe and heal, saw these and said, well at least they are not crocs! I had them shipped to the office and removed the tag on the side. she never looked in the insole. That being said, would I buy this in camo if i didn't have a pair already? Yep! Some may question if I have a pair to begin with. I assure you I do, I also know my limitations and inabilites!

Enjoy the Crocs. I do!


Crocs always looked to me like they were made out of cheap foam. Im rough on my shoes, and I dont like seeing my feet.


I own a (non-camo) pair of these. They are way comfortable and lightweight; I wear them most days. If you're in the woods you better hope you don't encounter any wet ground. These offer no protection against water.

+1 for the santa cruz
-1 for the camo
-1 for wearing in the woodlands


I love crocs and an saddened by the political down voting. But here's an idea- let only those who OWN crocs vote and see if they are truly loved or hated by wearers!!!


I own several pairs of Crocs...Santa Cruz, Tideline, Hover, Harborline. I find them more comfortable and durable than most sneaker, boat or walking shoes made. My collection of Rockport, Bass, Sperry Top-Sider', New Balance, Nike....have been in my closet since I discovered the all day comfort of these shoes. They've come a long way since the association of Crocs with that "holey clog" look...I also own a pair of clog styled crocs that I wear indoors only but you'll find a good percentage of the medical profession(dentists, surgeons, nurses etc.) that spend a majority of the day on their feet, wearing the clog style.


CROCs FOREVER!! Love my CROCs!! Just wish I could wear them to work.


I don't like them, but I have to up-vote them because the DEAL is good and that's all that should matter. If I down-voted based on taste I'd probably down vote 90% of the deals. If you own these and the quality is bad, then by all mean, knock 'em down, but I looked on Amazon and they are selling for $55 so $20 is good if you like the look.


I can't brain this. Crocs made a Toms shoe in Realtree. Toms, I associate with humanitarian-minded college kids, Realtree brings to mind significantly older Second Amendment advocates, and Crocs remind me that there are some people who don't understand the difference between "trending" and "popular" (See: Rebecca Black).

Who the heck was this made for?!


@fizz71: I agree, there is a lot of Croc hate around here. I've never owned Crocs, and don't want to. If I'm paying $50 for a pair of shoes I better be able to wear them more than just around the house. But this is a good deal for someone who likes Crocs, or someone who just wants to try them out to see what all the fuss is about. It gets an upvote for being a good deal, not a downvote for being a good deal on something I hate. At $20 you can just get it as a gift for someone you know who likes these things and save it for Christmas or their birthday.


@eraten: This is spot on as a gift for my bf. He likes this style crocs and camo too so I am gonna be queen for day for getting these for him. And for $20 bucks?? Oh yeah!


I used to have all sorts of foot and knee problems. I started wearing crocs and they all went away. They are light, have good arch support and usually last through about six months of constant wear. The only times I wear other shoes is when working out or hiking.


@cebii: Six months? That's all I needed to know. Thanks for saving me $20.


@quash8: I have a pair of these in brown, bought about 9 months ago and wear them as both inside slippers during the winter and casual stuff outside. Unless you're wearing these 24/7 I can't imagine wearing them out in 6 months. If anything,Crocs are sturdy---seems an oxymoron, but it's true.


OK, so I ordered my first pair of Crocs. Couldn't stand those ugly original clogs.
I couldn't find their policy re exchanging if the size doesn't fit, but I took a chance.


I see we have the reverse of the ohcheri effect going on here...

Throw a model in these crocs and these will all be up-votes!


Dang! I thought these were gong to be shoes made of real trees. Now that I would have paid for.



Sorta ironic, considering Crocs track record with making plastic shoes... and of what usefulness are camouflage slip-on shoes?


@lotsofgoats: The Ohcheri effect? Because as it is, I get insta-downvoted when I post her things now...
Anyways, I think this is a good deal. I don't own any Crocs, but honestly, that's because when I think Crocs, I think plastic/rubber clog. It's pretty lame of me to avoid their shoes because of a 1st impression I had like, 5 years ago. lol


Lol... these are almost all good comments and it's downvoted so far! I see this as something I can hide my secret stash of nickels in and sit next to a tree. They'll never be found. Finally!


Come on people, if you like them then give the original poster credit and upvote...