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To charge your device, simply plug one end of a USB charging cable into the device and the other into one of the two USB ports on this battery pack. One port can provide up to 1 amp of 5 VDC charging power, while the other provides up to 2.1 amps, which is enough to charge the iPad at full speed. Both ports can be used at the same time, but the total power output will be 2.1A, divided between the two ports.

low S&H Cost
$3.86 for east coast DC area


I have the 5000mah version of this and I really like it. Having it charge off of a usb micro is extremely handy as well because my phone uses the same charger so my home and car chargers work too. Its small enough to carry in a pocket if your phone battery is low and you have to leave home without a charge.


I've ordered from Monoprice many times, and I have never been disappointed in one of their products. Their shipping usually takes 5 business days and as pointed out isn't free, but most of their products are STILL a better deal than you will find anywhere else.


WCI Quality Universal Emergency Travel Charging Kit - Includes 3000mAh Mini Power Station, USB Cable And 6 Plug Tips

Item model #GDP3000

List Price: $59.99

Price: $6.95 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25


Charge a battery to charge a battery, irony


I bought one and added a camera strap to hang it under my shirt with the cord supplying power to my battery sucking still photo/HD movie camera, which is worn on a strap outside the shirt. The short connecting cable is barely noticible, does not get in the way.
Now my camera runs all day, at parties or events and when traveling, never slowing down. Plus it still can stand by to power the cell phone and ipad or GPS when used to walk around and relocate the base camp or car when needed. No need to carry spare batteries for each device, and it can recharge from a car's 12v to usb adapter while you are on the road.


@jmathews6546: nice! Now that's some ingenuity!


This is actually pretty large for a 3kmah


@hohlraum: You may be the first person I've ever seen use both k & m at the same time...they're completely cancelling terms...


@harpo: I feel so proud. a minus 10.


Will this charge a MacBook Pro? And if it will, approximately how much additional time would I get?


This thing looks huge in the pics. I have a 12000mAh battery pack that i bought thats about this size. But then again i paid twice as much as this still 40 bucks for 4x the power = worth it. Other then size they are pretty much same specs. Battery pack was best accessory i even purchased.


I also have the 5000mah version. I have hooked it up to my Galaxy Tab 7" and it charges that too.