dealsmicrosoft windows 8 pro upgrade plus $30 amazon…


Promotional credit EXCLUDES mp3s, instant video, and kindle books!!!!


Waiting for the university's $15 upgrade, lol


So, does anyone know if we're buying an upgrade or the full software? The wording on Amazon isn't quite clear to me.


@dgb2i: "Upgrade your Windows 7, XP, or Vista PC with Windows 8 Pro"
That isn't clear?


@tristicus: No it isn't clear because a full-version could also upgrade older operating systems. He wants to know if he can do a fresh install on an OEM hard drive.


If it's anything like the current version, you can install the "upgrade" version, but don't put in any license keys when you install, and then immediately (IMMEDIATELY, don't do any updates or driver installs!) do another upgrade install of the same version, using your key this time. Of course, clean install so you start over from scratch. I'm not sure if Microsoft did that on purpose, or if they really just didn't think to check for license keys when installing the upgrade version.

I did that with 2 Win7 x64 Pro upgrade licenses.


Last time I looked the upgrade directly from Microsoft (download) was supposed to be $40.


You couldn't pay me to upgrade (???) to Windows 8.

There, I said it.


Wasn't NewEgg offering just the Win8 upgrade last week for $39.99 ?

Seems to me you're buying your upgrade AND your $30 promo credit for $69.99

I say "no deal!!"


@dgb2i: It's an upgrade. There is no retail version of "full" Windows 8 - to install Windows 8 on new hardware, you can order the System Builder version:

(It's my understanding that this System Builder version isn't transferable - you aren't supposed to re-use this license if you replae your computer later).


@aphroat: No, Newegg was offering $10 off. You will be able to get an online upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from Microsoft for $39.99 until January 31st, but this offer will give you a copy of the DVD, and you'll still be able to use it after January 31st.


@ay27aa: My experience in upgrading from XP to Win7 says that you'll need a same-architecture OS installed on the machine you're upgrading. ie, you can apply the win8/64 upgrade to a win7/64 machine but you cannot do a clean, complete win8/64 install using the upgrade file/media.

Before I committed to Win7 I did some research and found several old threads discussing hacks that would allow a full install from an upgrade kit, but none of them worked for me (I didn't want to spend a day in my storage unit hunting for my old XP/64 installation media and license).


Interesting deal. Do you go with the electronic version straight from Microsoft or get the DVD for $70 with $40 promo code? Tough choice. In terms of the restrictions:

- You have to purchase by Saturday October 20th to get the credit

- The credit is good until the end of February. You won't get the credit until "30 days after your order ships" which means you should receive it around November 26th. That means its good for 3 months.

- You can only use the credit on products that Amazon sells and need to manually enter it in the order (I believe) as a Promo Code, it just won't apply manually

So, the question is... will you be placing an order amount for Products (I presume it can be applied to multiple ones in the same order, but aren't sure) in that 3 month period for greater than $30? Don't forget about Christmas!

In terms of the upgrade vs not, I believe (and hope since thats what I'm using) that you can upgrade from the Release Preview which is free right now.


@aphroat: If you had 32-bit Windows XP running on a 64-bit CPU, you could upgrade to Windows 7 64-bit, because all upgrades from XP to Windows 7 were "clean" upgrades anyway (you couldn't keep your XP programs during an upgrade - you had to re-install everything after an XP to Windows 7 upgrade).

If you wanted to upgrade Vista to Windows 7, and keep your programs and settings, you had to stay within the same architecture. If you wanted to go from Vista-32 to 7-64, you had to do a "clean" upgrade.


@kirkhilles: You can upgrade the release preview to the final release, but your eligibility for that upgrade actually stems from the pre-existing Windows license on that box. If you installed the Windows 8 Preview release in a VM, or on a barebones system you built yourself, you're not legally entitled to a discounted upgrade from the preview version to the final version (even if it's technically straightforward to apply the upgrade).


@kirkhilles: Good point about the expiration of the gift code - if this wasn't coming up over the Christmas period, it might not be as much a deal, but I think most of us can spend $30 on Amazon at Christmas :-)

For me, the best feature of this deal is that I get to lock in the $39.99 upgrade price which means I don't have to plan my upgrade before January 31st.


@kirkhilles: I like how this the codes come AFTER Black Friday


@ripwave: That was not my experience, but ok, if you say so...


I wouldn't suggest that anyone buy/uppgrade to Windows 8 without trying it first and making sure they like it. The interface is majorly different, with no start button and a generally cell-phone-like design that works fine on phones but many find it awkward on a computer. Make sure it's something you're okay with before making a very difficult-to-reverse decision.


@billwaa: Our university isn't getting it.....wah!


@starblind: I'd certainly agree with this. I'm using the Consumer Preview and while it has its nicities, it certainly hasn't gotten the positive reviews that Windows 7 has. I am using a program called viStart which gives you the Start bar, although its not as powerful (moving icons, etc) as the Windows 7 one.

I'm not sure I'd recommend upgrading unless you are looking to get the benefits of the Pro version. For instance, I remote desktop into my machine so I need the Pro version and had Windows 7 Home Premium before that.


@kirkhilles: Getting Pro version just for remote desktopping? That sounds like a misson Teamviewer could tackle for a lower price (i.e., free) and with just as much or maybe even better efficiency. That is, considering Teamviewer will even work with Windows 8.

I'll just wait for Windows 9 when Microsoft realizes the blunder of forcing a touch interface on PC users and gets the good ol' start button/taskbar back at least as an option. I sure don't want to depend on using a mouse to scroll through a few pages just to find a little piece of freeware in my system when all I need to do today is to hit the windows key, type perhaps two letters and press enter.

People who are tempted to upgrade blindly just because "it's a new Windows and you gotta have it" might want to check this video: (How real people will use Windows 8).


@gcosta: Teamviewer is nice and all but if you want to leverage the speed of a LAN, it's a terrible choice at the free price.


Thanks! In for one. I thought about doing the downloadable one from Microsoft, but I don't know when exactly I want to build a new computer, this gives me the flexibility of a disc without having to deal with the potential headaches / missing the deal of the digital version.

The $30 Amazon credit should be good to use on something later as well...might have to cancel a preorder so I can apply the credit.


@gcosta: "all I need to do today is to hit the windows key, type perhaps two letters and press enter."

Funny, that's exactly how it works in Windows 8.


@ripwave: When ordering online through the Microsoft update you don't have to actually update at that time but you can just purchase.

It also gives you the option of burning to a disc or saving the ISO so that you can perform the update later.

If you want the actual disc or can't download for some reason and normally spend money on Amazon then this isn't too bad of a deal as it would basically be the same price.


@ripwave: Sorry to say, but you're wrong.

An image is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million:


@gcosta: Teamviewer works pretty well with Windows 8. I've been using it with the preview release...

And as a general note about Windows 8 (at least the beta version), I've noticed only one bug and it has to do with compatibility with touch and an internet video site. Overall it has been really fluid and I like it, but I'm partial because I'm using a touch monitor (sandy bridge i7 HP Touchsmart, 8GB RAM) and the operating system is much more user friendly to touch gestures than me trying to dink around with a mouse...