dealsi am legend (ultimate collector's edition) [blu…


This is a good deal. I own this myself and it comes with a ton of neat stuff, well worth this price. Just want to say that the digital copy of the movie that comes with this does not work. When you go to redeem it, it tries to connect to a server via your web browser to authenticate the copy and it informs you that it has expired a few years ago. This probably isn't a deal-breaker for anyone, but I just thought everyone should know that.


Probably a good deal, but all I want to know is whether the baddies are zombies or vampires. Ive spent way too many drunken hours arguing this point and would really like to know if this ultimate edition provides any insight.


"Usually ships within 1 to 2 months"
Does that mean that some of the time it doesn't?


@mstg: When Amazon says something usually ships in 1 to 2 months, it will probably ship in a few days. I've found they ALWAYS overestimate that figure. They will almost always send you a friendly e-mail stating "We're happy to inform you that your order is shipping earlier than expected".

Gotta love Amazon.


@jimandtara901: Their creatures, who don't really appear in the book or short story. I just remember that the book was nothing like movies.

I really liked the first movie best "Omega Man", which among other things I believe has one of the first love scenes between a white guy and a black woman.

I would buy this but honestly but all I watch are the Republican debates, they are really just so historic. I will buy copies of those, just to show my grand kids.

Will Smith did deserve some kind of Oscar for this film. OK I am going to buy it. Damn you Wooters!


I'll buy this but only on one condition...a prequel. No negotiations, I want to see it on Will Smith's imdb page after completion of the sale.


just paid $11.23 for mine? assuming the seller isn't completely mixed up on what he/she is selling: