dealspatriot extreme performance 16gb (4 x 4gb) 240…


40% of the reviews at list these sticks as being unstable at their rated speed.

(Not a good deal...)


Stating 40% is kind of misleading when there are only 5 reviews...yes 2/5 is equal to 40% but again misleading. Also under both negative reviews the manufacturer replied and said their customers are number 1 and they back their products with a lifetime warranty. Further, most people (not all) do not overclock their computers and for ~$50 16gb of RAM is a STEAL!!!


It could also be a compatibility with the Motherboard. I have had similar problems with Corsair 2x4GB in my Alienware where only 4GB were recognized and in my Main computer. But for this price run it at 1333 or even higher if you motherboard let's you.

Unless you are running a AMD A series Processor where the Memory makes a considerable diffrence. The diffrence in PC's with 1333 to 1600 is not noticable we are at a point in technology where memory is to fast for any regular use.


I am contaplating getting this and running 6GB as ram and 10GB as a ram disk. Running on 8GB right now.


AT this price for 16GB it's a good deal.
Easy enough to run a memory test and decide whether to de-tune the clocking.

As noted, any timing issues can be motherboard related. It can be an issue running four sticks of dense ram dropping the voltage below stated value. I got better results on one machine that was glitchy with 4 sticks by boosting the RAM voltage by 0.1V.