dealstop chef 7 inch santoku knife for $13.00


"officially licensed" = producers made a buck off the marketing.

"ice-tempered" = pure bullshit gimmick, that tells you nothing about the steel itself.

"x30cr13 Stainless Steel" = a type of stainless used in pots, and now in some knives. Stainless steel can stain in the dishwasher, BTW - it can even rust a tiny amount. What it can't do is be resharpened at home easily to a keen edge.

This is a knife suitable for your TV-show-obsessed retired mom. At $13, it's a decent price for that use.


"will have you cutting like the pros."

No. No, it won't. I am a huge fan of Santoku knives, but "cutting like the pros" is a skill learned by doing it over and over and over, learning and mastering the technique.

A wireless keyboard won't make me type like the pros. An old spring-buckle keyboard won't make me type like the pros (but would sound really good). Learning touch typing and spending hours (years) doing it, would make me type like the pros.

Granted, better tools improve your chances of coming close to the pro level. But you still need to put the hours in.


So do it over and over. Start with this knife


@joemarfice: If you put your knives in the dishwasher, you don't deserve anything better than what you can get at the dollar store. I can keep my Henckels stainless knives sharp with a standard steel without any problem between my every-two-year trip to a professional sharpener.