deals30% off any monitor, starting at $55


Refurbished, off-lease. Nothing new :(


So if I pick the $215 24" monitor, add in the $17.99 shipping, the $15.05 tax, this monitor comes to $179.02 after coupon code. I live in Florida. This is a DVI-D, VGA monitor.

I go over to Newegg, and right off the bat going to 24" LED back-lit monitors, and I see an -new- Asus that exceeds in every way the Dell monitor, $187.58 after rebate with shipping for a DVI, HDMI monitor with speakers (who cares about those, though?). Lots of lower priced non-24", but 23.6" and similar.

But since the Dell's are refurbs, let's run to the refurb's on Newegg:
And we get an LG refurb 24" that is comparable, DVI etc, but no HDMI: $139.99, free shipping.

We also have an Asus with HDMI for $149.99 free shipping (but bad reviews, which the manufacturer has responded to with email addresses for help).

All in all, not really a great deal. Plus I have dealt with - same people who run - not something I really would put myself through again.


Only UltraSharps are 27". Meh.

Also, cheapy Asus or LG monitors aren't really comparable to Dells, especially UltraSharps.
Buy the crappy Asus if you like, but I'd rather have a U2312HM.


@stryker4526: Well, considering LG and Asus are some of the top monitors on the market... I will indeed stick with them.