dealsplanet earth: the complete bbc series - blu-ray…


The fact that it indicates BBC and not Discovery would suggest to me that this is the version narrated by Attenborough (i.e. the better version).

Although there is no specific mention on the page, so don't blame me if it isn't...


"From the team behind Blue Planet, including the esteemed and beloved Sir David Attenborough."

Everyone's safe to buy it. ;) Bought mine already.


This is amazing BBC series about our planet's most loved, wildest and most elusive creatures, captured a stunning, high-definition movie the most extreme habitats on Earth. I like him very much, and would like to ask how long sent to Hong Kong?


+ $5 shipping
total is $24.98 not so great price. in July BestBuy has it for $19..99 free ship.


Good deal! It is $33.99 on Amazon.


@procop: due to my time machine being in the shop, getting back to July to get it is problematic.

I saw the Best Buy deal back then and was too late. It sold out and I kicked myself for not getting it. I happily paid the shipping here and am considering it a deal on something that I am going to love watching again.

Now I just have to be patient with the slow shipping...sigh.


I've been waiting for a sale on this for a while now. I DVRed a few of the Discovery episodes but it's not the same whatsoever. Good find, in for one!


@isaacl1990: considering he produced it and was the genius behind the entire project, he has to at least be credited, regardless of whether he narrated. Which was why I did not take that sentence as any form of promise, but i reckon people are probably safe anyway.


hmmmm, i got it for $17 shipped from the UK (Amazon UK) a while back. Not the best deal on this that I've seen, but still much cheaper than buying from Amazon US ($38)


Planet Earth, Life, Frozen Planet, Human Planet - all top notch and are jaw dropping on blu-ray.

Note: John Hurt narrated Human Planet, which is awesome (and not produced by Attenborough). Attenborough still narrated Frozen Planet in the UK, and Alec Baldwin narrated it in the US. Maybe the only time I've been okay with someone else narrating these other than Attenborough.


"Gotta have it. Buy it," (don't) "store it". Watch it!


Probably doesn't matter considering the product this time but I would otherwise stay away from 1saleaday. They response on a DOA monitor was "yeah, go ahead and contact the mfg." Thanks for nothing.


This should've been the Woot of the day! I'd rather give my money to Woot. But, when Planet Earth is $20, I got to pull the trigger!


Got a copy a few weeks back,have only watched part of the first disk but it's amazing. If you don't have this you should get a copy.


This is an awesome price, but I'm still holding out for the 6-disc special edition. I want that episode on snow leopards!


Been waiting for this to go on sale again!
In for 1!


Per Cosmic Shovel’s camelcamelcamel, following are the lowest prices
for each respective package of the series:

Planet Earth Lowest AMZN Prices
        BBC 4-BD - 2012/08/21: $20
Region-free 5-BD - 2012/08/21: $31
            6-BD - 2012/07/15: $34
     Ltd Ed 6-BD - 2012/07/15: $41

Hope the above helps in one’s decision-making.

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Looks like you can get the 6-disc special edition for the same price in used-very good condition from amazon


Also, only 1080i not 1080p in case it matters to some