dealsoakley vault winter apparel sale


@fit410s: Yes without a doubt they are fake. Also if you are ok with fakes they can be found for much cheaper than that. The photos are even stock Chinese photos from the counterfeit manufacturers. I own several pairs of authentic Oakley sunglasses and was curious as to quality of the fakes. So I ordered approximately 5 pairs of fakes that were of the same styles I owned of authentic Oakley's for comparison. Well there is really no comparison. Fakes feel cheap, break easily, and the lenses are absolute garbage. As far as function goes, you would be better off not wearing sunglasses. However 2 of the pairs would of passed as real from a distance but the instant you touched them you would know they were junk. I paid between $2-$3 a pair and had to wait 3-4 weeks for delivery. I had actually forgot I had ordered them when they finally arrived.
I'm lucky to live within 5 miles of a brick and mortar Oakley Vault and regularly swing by to check for deals. Its a great outlet store!!


@shane100: cool man thanks. you saved me

i like the knock off nfl jerseys lol


I don't see the "deal" here. This one doesn't even bother with the % off.


For all you Police/Fire/EMS/Mil You can go to . Oakly puts runs this website for all the hard working people to get oakly gear at a DEEP discount (some almost 90%). Proof of job is required and they take it very serious, so scammers/faker need not apply,


@polishemt: more like that site is proof of the ridiculous markup on their goods amirite


I own 2 pair of Oakley prescription eyewear and their quality is incomparable. The lenses are HD and the frames are a perfect fit. At the prices noted on the sale site I might buy another pair of frames and order the lenses separately. If you want to be truly stylish order sunglass frames with clear lenses.