dealsfather’s day sale: t-clip - keep your golf clubs…


Real Men wack it with a Cigar hangin' outta their mouths :P


Speaking as a father, if I get one of these for Father's day... so help me(!) I will burn this mutha to the ground!


I think this is a really cool concept, and I'd buy one probably for $5.. But for $15 (on sale!) it's a little much..


@whistler68 - I take it you dont play golf and smoke cigars.

Not a bad product for it's purpose. The website doesn't show me exactly how it works, does it pinch my cigar in place? Does it accommodate larger ring gauges, ie. 60?


@nugroho: I had similar thoughts. A. That guy doesn't like cigars and golf. B. Can it hold a 60? I find that a larger ring size is easier to smoke while multitasking, they require less babysitting to keep them lit. So, of course a 60 is the choice for smoking while golfing.
Also, I agree, the price is silly. It is a piece of plastic. You can get the cigar minder, cigar clip from (aka "The Devil Site") for around $5 a piece.
But, anything made for gold has to be extra expensive, right?


@amschel: I personally use a cigar minder on the course and have lost several of them. This T-clip would be my backup so I'm in for one.

You are right, everything for golf is more expensive, I call it the golf tax.


I prefer the Callaway Get-A-Grip Cigar Clip. Cost about $20 but it is useful in a lot of places. The only downside seems to be it doesn't hold smaller cigars well.


I don't trust it.

The photos are taken so that you cannot see how it functions. But if you look closely you will see that it is held together with a thick metal wire (I'm assuming it's a spring hinge). If so, there is no controlling how tightly it will pinch the cigar. That makes sense, especially when you pay attention to the fact that all of the photos were taken with the exact same cigar, in the same position, with the exact same rotation in every picture. To me that suggests that the cigar is tightly pinned, and to avoid showing the crush-marks or damaged wrapper, they made sure to never remove the cigar from the clip for each of the pics. It also suggests to me that it's not user friendly to use this spring hinge.


Yes, other cigar clips use spring hinges, but they
1- Have a circular design to disburse the pressure around the cigar wrapper, instead of using two flat panels that concentrate the pressure on two small areas (thus more likely to cause damage to the wrapper)
2- Have large, or easily usable, squeezing areas to release the clip.

The pictures of this model have hidden the release mechanism in every single camera shot. And from the angle given, it appears that there is no release mechanism.

Again, I'm not buying this. But I am VERY intrigued by the product and will be buying from a competitor on Amazon that has better disclosure in their pictures.


The site says $14.99. Did this deal end?