dealsplus size babydoll, open front lingerie for $14…


She doesn't looked plus sized at all! The women on the bottom of the page look plus sized but a very sexy looking plus size.


Well I'll be a flying purple people eater!


So sad when even plus size clothing is modeled by tummy tight models. Come on Ohcheri, don't delegate plus size photos to the bottom of your page, that's just wrong.


I was distracted by the one in the sheer robe... Her nipples have not been surgically removed like most Oh Cheri models!

Everyone knows curves always make the drive more fun


@mschauber: We use photos supplied by the manufacturers and are limited by our resources. Please check out our entire plus size collection:


@mschauber: I take it your a plus sizer... it's kind of funny you just assume she puts the heavyweighters at the bottom. Now you look a little foolish.


@mikelat34: That's because americans are used to "fat". it's so prevalent that folks think it's normal. go to europe or asia and you'll see what i mean. When i was in korea, i was hard pressed to even run in to a girl this fat. in france and italy you do see some girls like this, but mostly old ladies. the young girls. especially in italy and SPAIN were absolutely gorgeous. The main reason? they walk everywhere and PORTION SIZE. they eat human portions while americans eat cow portions. since we don't walk everywhere, we should be walking on the treadmill while watching whatever it is we watch in order to make up for our unhealthy lives. most of us still don't. and it shows.


@ohcheri: Then the manufacturer should move above the fray and hire appropriate models for their different products, IMHO.


@mschauber: I hear what you're saying and it's a sad fact that the fashion industry considers size 12 "plus size".


@mschauber: mschauber. no one wants to looks at a flabby belly whale with lingerie on. common sense. these folks are trying to sell lingerie. not make it on to sorry, but that's just the reality. I'm sorry it makes you feel bad, but someone lying about it to you isn't going to change the truth. It's just going to continue to trick fat americans into living in the "fat matrix"...


@iggz: You couldn't be farther from the truth. But you have proved a vital point; that advertisers and manufacturers that choose to play into the idea that Playboy type models are the norm that all women should strive for and that all men desire, do so without consideration for the majority of people out there.

I don't see how anything I've written makes me look foolish. If anything, your incorrect assumptions make you look ignorant.


@tewkewl: Since I don't have anything invested in these products, in advertising, nor the people that would or wouldn't wear it, I have nothing too feel bad about, despite your attempts to change that, which by the way are directed at 100% the wrong person.

What I do feel bad about is your desire/need to make others feel bad because of your own insecurities. Try figuring out why you don't feel good about yourself and changing that, rather than spreading your negative feelings.


Its too bad that this is our 'American Standard'. A picture of a model in lingerie is great, but its not realistic. Even the best looking models have their flaws (male or female) when they aren't air brushed/cropped/digitally enhanced, etc. The bottom line is what she's wearing. If you want to wear the product, whether you're fat or thin, then buy it and be proud!


Plus size should not automatically be equated with obese. That is stereotyping. My chick is tall and a bit hippy (not a flowerchild silly)
Therefor Plus size.
She's also sexy as hell!
Yay me!!


@hottubrf: The best way to deal with him is to ignore him. Obviously, he is a lonely pathetic repressed misanthrope and his complaints are merely a pathetic attempt for attention. Responding only encourages him. the worst hing you can do to him is ignore him which will re-enforce the fact that he is a nonentity.


Naw, I think that model is a plus sized. Look at those meaty hams. Conventional models never have that much meat on their legs. She has a trim figure, but I bet she's still a pretty big girl.


@tewkewl. Being overweight is a world wide epidemic. In Korea, 31% of the population is overweight. The obesity rate there is pretty low, at only 4 percent, but still, that's 4 adults for every hundred that are obese and 31 more are overweight. Yes, that's much better than most of the world, but it is still a problem that is increasing. You also mentioned Spain...55% of the adult population is overweight and 17% are obese. It's a world wide problem, not just in America. There was recently an article in the news, perhaps NPR, and it was about how China is becoming overweight and how it is recognized over there as a major health concern, because of the rate at which it is increasing. It's all over, not just here.