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OMG! They have 100% Kona Coffee, and it's not blended with any other coffee bean. Bought a bunch! Haven't had Kona in a long time.


Do they force you to sign up for monthly deliveries and if you forget to cancel each and every month, you get a bill for a bunch of expensive coffee?


Twenty or more years ago I signed up for Gevalia Coffee in order to get a free coffee maker. It's the best coffee maker I have ever used (they don't offer it anymore). Although, I never used a Technovorm (look it up).

The coffee was very good. But the prices went up higher and higher and there are many very good coffees out there. (Right now I'm stuck on Green Mountain's Mokka Java.)


If you do anything online with Gevalia, make sure you have a special mailbox that you only use for them. They are one of the biggest spammers on the internet. As far as they are concerned, once they get your email address, they can do anything they want with it.

I don't do business with them any more, so it's possible things have changed. But I would never give them an email address that I actually use for anything useful. They sold it to anyone who wanted it.


If anyone is interested in trying out new coffees, check out
It's not cheap, but there are lots of top-rated roasters participating, and you have the opportunity to check out coffee you might otherwise not be able to try. Shipping cost for up to two pounds of coffee from any one roaster is only $4.95. I've tried a few and have finally found a coffee I love.


@skepticaljohn: Me too! The one I got was an automatic Melitta 4 cup. I have it set on a timer and still use it 5 days a week. The coffee was okay, but I'm spoiled since I buy fresh roasted.


I last ordered from them back in 2005. I had the delivery set at their minimum which at the time was 2 bags every 4 months or something like that so I could get one of the coffee makers. The delivery charge per bag was more than the coffee (which isn't cheap) and they'll tack on their seasonal coffee deliveries 4 bags at a time even after you decline it.

This might be a good deal if you REALLY like coffee but I'll just drink the swill we have at work if I drink anything now.


They really do have good coffee.


Not sure why everyone is giving them a hard time... I just bought a bunch of coffee for gifts to people, when I put it in the cart it asked me if I wanted to subscribe to the delivery (recurring charges) or a one-time buy.

Got a gift basket for the mom and a few bags for myself. I have 90 dollars worth of stuff in the cart so I added one more item for free shipping and the 20% off and lo and behold my price went DOWN to 80 dollars. Good stuff.


I used to order from Gevalia many moons ago. They were the best I could get. Since then, a lot has changed. We now have three locally owned microroasters in town, and one sells to a locally owned coffee shop a mine away.

If you don't have a microroaster nearby (google for one, you might be surprised) this is probably better than anything you can find in your local mega-mart. But the premium for shipping doesn't necessarily make it a good value. You can probably find excellent roasters that will ship to you for less than Gevalia.

As for their coffee makers, check local thrift stores, you will find plenty.


I thank my lucky stars that I live near the Melitta USA headquarters in Clearwater FL. Once I year I go there and buy 60-70 lbs of coffee. That trip keeps me in beans until the next year :P