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Been needing a torque wrench forever! Awesome add!


I personally don't trust any tools from harbor freight...very cheaply made.


If you follow the link to the coupons page at the link above ( you'll see the deal is better than advertised. I did look and see 24 coupons covering a broad range of items from hand carts, moving dollies, tool chests and more. A number of items I recognize are great deals. I do work that involves lots of equipment and we do use some tools from Harbor Freight, including pumps, saws, drill presses and more. Print the coupon, go to your local store to compare in person.


oooh, perfect timing with that hand truck. Might be moving soon.


@mister2quick: I have a torque wrench from HF. It works great and seems to be accurate.


Been buying and using Harbor Freight tools for years, no problems, including their customer service. Even had a workshop blow down during a hurricane ... everything got soaked, including HF tools. Stayed that way for a day or two until we could get to cleaning up. No problem getting them to work. Don't expect exceptional precision, but well worth the money.


To all the HF haters: Some HF stuff sucks. Some of it is average. And some of it is quite good for the price.

You typically don't buy HF if it's a tool you're going to use every day, e.g. for your livelihood, although they have some there that would even qualify for this. They're great for obscure tools that you need only rarely. For example, I have their "benchtop" tile saw and although it's really messy, it works great. I've remodeled 5 bathrooms in 3 houses with it, and loaned it to 2 friends who each did a bathroom. And most of that was with the original blade.


@superninja: i have GOT 2 disagree with your comment but 2 each its own


1.49 for the pick and hook set = DIY dental on the cheap for the kids! in for one!


Have you ever heard of a thing called humor? You (and the others) might want to learn about it someday.

I shop at Harbor Freight. But I'm not a fanboy that cries when someone makes a joke about them.


These are great for factory work. Tools get borrowed and never come back, you loose them often, and find others to replace yours. Can't be spending big bucks on tools with legs.

Thanks for the up.


@superninja: sorry got a different vib form that. most people add lil things like a :) haha lol :/
ther are many emotion icons that are used now ...
do you not txt message ? bet you still have a land line ?


No, I just don't think it's necessary to give people a hint.

They're either capable of getting it on their own, or they're not.


@pinchecat - I caught your humor, but I believe I have seen an actual, unsterilized set of dental picks for sale at HF - hobby picks, of course. LOL


HF is great for weird stuff that you're only going to use a few times a year or ever... Oxygen Sensor sockets, Spark plug sockets, long ratchet extensions, breaker bars... Stuff that isn't high precision or doesn't have too many moving parts. I stick to Kobalt tools for my ratchets and normal sockets, they're usually much higher quality. I'll have to see how good their torque wrench is, bought one last week and it's slowly making its way to me using every Wooter's favorite shipping method.


@tsfisch: I basically ruined a Herman Miller chair (worth $700) by assembling it with a Harbor Freight torque wrench. I'll never again trust them for anything "precision".

I have quite a few Harbor Freight purchases and I've had quite a few problems. I've had their plastic sawhorses buckle on me (even though they were loaded at about 20% of their rating), clamps completely fail, air connectors leak, handles find their way off of tools, etc.

That said, they're cheap, and if it's not a precision or complex tool, they're still an option for me.