dealsvarious guitar straps for $4.99


I knew it....waited for THE CATCH...yea it is $7.00 for shipping and HANDLING on your order! SO if I buy 1 or 2 a local GUITAR CENTER ( I probably pay NO shipping but here get socked $7 for even 2 lightweight strap??? I will go with QUALITY I KNOW and Guitar Center Stands behing their products snd if you bought 5 pair,they drom the shipping charge! Not Here! WOW....funny way to do business....I WITHDRAW and and going to


@zappaman1999: Even with shipping and handling, one of these is cheaper than the equivalent at Guitar Center, specifically the Planet Waves straps that cost $20+ at GC and can be had for $12 including S&H here. And as far as I can tell, S&H doesn't increase, so 2 straps cost $8 a piece and so on. I'm not sure that Guitar Center can match that.


@uric6661: You are correct. Shipping and handling is only charged once, so if you buy 2 straps it averages out to paying $3.50 in shipping per strap. The $7 is a flat fee on any order under $100. Audio-Depot's actual minimum cost to ship a guitar strap with a trackable shipping method is $5.15.

A couple of new straps are being lowered to $4.99, and customers that have already purchased are welcomed to change their orders before they ship on Monday.


We were overwhelmed with the response to this sale and unfortunately we ran out most $4.99 straps. More have been added to help those who may have missed out and you can still order them as of this posting, but we are otherwise discontinuing our promotion of the sale.

In other words, the promotion has been 'expired' on woot and elsewhere even though you can still get the deal at this time!

Thank you to all for your understanding!