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I know this is a bad deal because I just bought three of these at $3.30 each with free shipping.


@cengland0: thank you "wow" i was jumming on this deal until it would not let me pass go w/ out a phone#


@drivebypaint: Just a word of caution. Dealextreme sends things via a slow boat from China and there is a long wait time. For me, the low price makes up for the wait.

Meritline also sends things from China but they seem to arrive faster than Dealextreme. My guess is that Dealextreme does not carry any inventory so when you order a product, they get the supplier to send them one and once it's received, they send it to you.

My only evidence of this is when I check my order status it sometimess says "Waiting for Supplier."


@cengland0: thank you for the info "via a slow boat" is ok w/me. i do alot of ebay shopping that way :)



Yes, this is a duplicate deal posted 6 months ago if you search back enough to see it. Yes, for some people a savings of $1.19 makes the delivery wait worth it. However, I don't believe that this makes it a bad deal for everyone. Just stating my opinion with no ill will.