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I like mine...I own the one that does RF which is fantastic because you do'nt have to point it directly at your stuff. But I had this one for a while before......wlrks wel and the fact it saves your layout online makes it easy to deal with...especial;ly if you break the remote and need to replace it....just swp in software and re-download the config.

Learn special commands....this type of remote is a MUSTHAVE for any home theater.


In for 1. Been considering one of these for a while, and this price tipped me over the edge. Sure, I'd prefer the top-of-the-line model, but I ain't spending $300+ on a bleepin' remote.

I'm willing to work around the (well-documented) quirks if it means I can avoid using 4 different remotes.


FYI, same remote as the 700, but not rechargeable. Good deal.


I own 2 of these and a 700. I'd say get the 700 since it's rechargeable and I picked mine up for $35. I picked up my 2 650's for $30 on woot a couple years ago.

I love how many devices this thing controls but the selling point for the 700 is the rechargeable batteries. My cell phone charger recharges it which is why I like it more than the 600's. Also, I use rechargeable batteries in my 600's but I put them in my 700 to charge them.


@decyde: I don't have a convenient outlet where I would use it, so using rechargeable batteries with an external charger is a better situation for me. Both use-cases make sense, but the in-remote charging would actually be a hindrance (for me) . Nice that both options exist.

I am in for 1, BTW. Thanks OP.


Quick note...You could very well expect slow shipping times. Otherwise, this seller has been fairly reputable for me.


Logitech has seen fit in recent years to limit the number of devices you can use with these remotes in an attempt to push you towards the most expensive ones. My base model Harmony from when they first came out has no limit, but all the newer, cheaper ones do. Be aware, as it is really easy to hit that limit.