dealssuper talent 32gb sdhc card (class 10) with promo…


I've ordered literally hundreds of small <$10 items from Meritline over the last couple years. Only twice have there been a problem with an order, and both times the site was both fast and sympathetic in fixing the issues. Also, this is a pretty good price for a 32g SDHC, though I refuse to buy SD flash media that isn't SanDisk, personally.


@smitelight: I bought this from them last time it was up and have used it in my GoPro with no problems. Not that SanDisk isnt a better brand but I havent had any issues so far


@micheal0484: Oh, I wasn't saying there's anything wrong with this card. Just that I'm an elitist arsehole. ;)


@smitelight: There's a lot of that going around !