dealsapple mb292ll/a 16gb ipad tablet with wi-fi…


Prices haven't dropped yet for the 1st gen refurbs on yet. However, the iPad2's have dropped. You can pick up a refurbed iPad2 16gb Wifi only for $349.


and brand new base model iPad2 for $399


Apple was selling refurbed gen 1 iPads for $299 on Sunday night and again on Tuesday. This seems like a good deal, but I'd much rather deal with Apple's customer service if there's an issue...


@bione: Especially when you realize that the iPads from CowBoom are used.. no warranty.


How is this a deal? Basically 3-4 year old tech. If you are an apply fan boi just buy a new Samsung Galaxy 10.1 for the same money and slap an apple logo on the back. Profit!


@bionne @autocrosser , I have an iPAD 2 that I bought from Apple refurb last July and it has been amazing. I called them last month via the phone and was offered a 3 year warranty via Apple even though it was refurbed. I checked around on some forums and talked to friends in similar situations, apparently if you call Apple support line directly and the product you have is registered on your account with no warranty they will offer you the warranty right out the gates. What I did was called about a password reset and I was offered the warranty for a discounted price via the phone. I received the agreement via the mail about two weeks later. Just FYI for a workaround if you are worried about refurbed or used items of Apple or even getting a squaretrade 3rd party warranty.


@bdutton: Being a mobile software developer, I have used both android and apple devices extensively. While I am definitely not an apple fanboy, (i love my galaxy S2), the user experience of iOS is simply better than any current android version. Also, Apple adheres to a high standard of quality, and every iPad/iPhone that I've used for work has performed flawlessly. I can't say the same for some of the android tablets.


i bought a iPad from Cowboom for my son a few months ago, was very impressed with not only the customer service, but the shape of the iPad itself. Of course, buying used is worrisome at the very least, but the iPad was absolutely like new.


@bdutton: 3 or 4 year tech? LOL...iPad 1 dropped April 3rd, 2010. Not even 2 years ago ya mook. It's alright, Math isn't for everyone.


First Gen Excellent condition iPad still buys for $210. Seems like a decent deal.