dealsmatias slim one keyboard for iphone and pc or mac…


Interesting concept. But if this thing's already plugged into my computer, why don't I just do my surfing on the computer, rather than my iPad?


I dont think thats the point of this. I think its more for say if your working at your desk and you get a text message. You could easily switch your keyboard to your iphone in order to run of a quick text message. Or say you wanted to type out a quick note to look at on your ipad later while you were working on your computer.


In for the windows version. I don't own an iOS device, but I'll be using this as a sort of "K"vm to use this on 2 windows based machines at once.

Be sure to use the coupon code DEALPP10 to get $1.50 off.

Total including lowest shipping was $17.48 using the coupon code above :)


Great price, but this had just a couple reviews on Amazon, and they were not good. Keyboard is plastic, not metal as it might appear in the photo.


Will this work with a blackberry?


@sw723: If your Blackberry supports a Bluetooth keyboard, then yes. Bluetooth keyboards all use the same protocol.