dealslodge pro-logic cast iron pizza pan for $30.00…


I have one of these and it makes awesome crust.


"oven-safe to 400 degrees F"??

Jack's pizzas have to cook at 425°

I've become semi-addicted to cast iron since my mom gave me her old Griswald skillet.


400F is low as I've seen recipes go as high as 500F.


So, do you heat the pan first, then plop the pizza in?


@shadowzero26: yes, for sure. Weird about the 400 degrees, though.
When I make pizza, I turn it all the way up to 550.


From Amazon's customer responses:

It's the "season" or non stick quality that suffers over 400 deg F. I've heated mine to 550 F to do large amounts of fajitas and reseasoned it after use and it is fine. Allow to air cool if you get it that hot or it can crack.