dealspinball fx2 - xbox 360 for $0.00


This is always free, and isn't a "game" exactly. You download this, and then have to buy the different tables to actually play it.


@mth218: Owners of the original Pinball FX can import their existing tables


@cengland0: True, but that doesn't change the fact that it's always been free, and has been available for almost a year now.


Yeah, I seem to remember this being free also and I did import my existing tables so I don't know where they're getting the 240+ MS points from. I assume that means that it comes with some default tables for FX2 only then. I remember upgrading but I remember that I didn't really get any new tables, although I haven't played it in many months now.


There's going to be a new, "Paranormal" table released on 10/26 which will be free until the beginning of November. After that, the table will be 240 Microsoft points. I suspect that's what inspired this post, somehow.


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If a mod rolls along, that might be worth putting in the description.

(the regular Pinball FX is always free and has no's just a demo that they decided to call a "free game")


This isn't a deal, this was always free.