deals26" solid self-defense baton w/ led light for $21…


Just so people are aware this is considered a concealed weapon in some states so you might want to look into that before purchasing.


Does NOT collapse into a convenient size. The one I got collapses into a foot long metal cylinder.

The flashlight is laughable, being basically a button powered LED flashlight atop the baton. I get more light from those keyring LED flashlights. But that's not really the point, the flashlight is just an excuse to carry a skullcrusher around.

And I'm not really that annoyed that its so much bigger either... Its illegal to carry where I live, so I'm only really using it at home, so carrying convenience isn't going to be an issue... I just want one in case something invades the backyard, or when the zombie apocalypse happens, when no one will care if I openly carry this or not.