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Ughhhh, wish I woulda known about this last night for the Red Wings game.


@zippolight2002: I know! I didn't know about it till the Sabres game was in the 3rd period (they were losing, anyways, though...). Did get to see the last bit of the Bruins getting their behinds handed to them though :)



Yes, I agree. Setting the consecutive home wins record is no big deal.


Rangers are the best though seriously look at the standings, we have played 3 less games then the wings and are only 1 point behind :D, Like the wings too so not hating here!


@igriesd: It really isn't as big of a deal as the Flyers back in 75-76. Back then, there was no overtime, so they won each of those 20 in regulation. If the red wings were held up to the same standard, their streak would have broken 3 times (ended in a tie), but since they aren't, they got those overtime wins. Not saying it isn't impressive. Just...the flyers record is MORE impressive.


@squirrelhunter70: Won't hear me argue against that :)

I actually hate the Red Wings (and the Flyers too!), but still respect good organizations.


@igriesd: Don't get me wrong, I know the Wings are an excellent organization and year after year are a contender. But I'm an Avalanche fan. I know we suck right now and I'm sure red wing fan's don't look at us as a rival, but since the Avs came here in 95' not a day goes by that you won't see a bumper sticker that reads "Red Wings Suck", hence my read wings suck comment.