dealsiphone 4s - the most amazing iphone yet. for $199…


1. This isn't a deal, it is the regular price.
2. You can't even buy it today.


1. was announced today (orders start sept. 7th, released sept 14th)
2. quite a deal, considering it's new for all sprint users :D
(But thx for commenting)


Yay! now you can act like a pretentious a$$hole towards people who only have an iPhone 4!!!!!! What losers they are


$199 price requires a contract, so if people just upgraded recently their SOL so I'd say this is a pretty bad deal.


@shinjikassatsu: whats different here than all the other releases they've come out with and every other phone on the market? They're all cheaper with a contract get over it.

@phydeaux8635: September? you mean it released last month?


edit: lol...OCTOBER...brain lapse. (Never go full retard)


And, if I can add, this is an excellent deal for me who's been stuck with a Samsung Moment on Sprint that can barely run Android 2.1...


Pre-ordered mine! Why make it look different? What was wrong with. Complete overhaul of the internals. Don't blame them if you didn't wait a little while.