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Anyone know if this goes super slow? We had bought an ATV version of a power wheel, the Disney Fairy Style for my daughter's 2nd birthday and were highly disappointed in how incredibly slow it went. Plus it was only powered by 1 wheel pushing the other 3.
I mean i'm not expecting a little kids toy to go 10mph but the ATV would go about 2mph and she got bored with it very easily. Would love to grab one of these but if it goes equally slow, I don't think she would find it much more fun.


I always grab the battery, cut the cord and toss it over a shoulder... Then stick a lawnmower 12v battery in... Good all day on a single charge, and quite a bit more pep.. haven't killed one yet. and at 60 bucks, if it lasts the summer? No brainer!


A lawnmower battery vents very dangerous gasses during charge and discharge. If not vented, as in the case of being in a Powerwheels, it can also explode. Darwin will make a claim.
Check out the Powerwheels forums for stories of woe from "engineers" who thought they had a great idea.
I installed wheelchair batteries in my son's GraveDigger powerwheels and it goes about 6.5 hours and has slightly more voltage than stock so it goes faster.


I can't find a claim of overheating, explosion, acid burn, venting or any other accident from changing out with a lawnmower or auto battery.

There were several claims of the OEM battery overheating, and catching fire.

Darwin also made a few claims on people making them faster.

I think this is a lesson in applied physics vs. theoretical.
"Engineer's" over think, jump on it like a squirrel trying to get a nut. "This COULD happen!"

The OEM battery is 30amps, lasts approximately 40 minutes, given the average discharge this means it's drawing a single amp at full go.

Your car cigarette lighter has a 15 amp fuse. 700amp battery.

The amount of draw required to boil even a small battery is pretty drastic. No boil = No venting. You need a LARGE vent to gather enough gas to catch fire.

A wheelchair battery, or OEM gets much warmer during use due to the PERCENTAGE of draw.

Theoretical engineers = Sunk the Titanic.
Applied engineers = Got our boys back from the moon with duct tape.