deals12,000,000 volt pink stun gun built-in charger…


Plus $3.92 shipping (to Tennessee)


This is my second one I have purchased, this thing had a lot of powerful volts, it is LOUD! the light is bright, its nice that they just plug directly into the wall! But my only complaint is they only seem to last 6-8 months : /


The claim of "12,000,000 Volt" makes no sense. It takes 33,000 V to jump a air gap of 1 cm ( If this thing produced 12MV, the discharge can be 3.6m long - also known as 12 feet!

Which is ABSURD. Looking at the spark gap, i would guess it can pump 12 kV tops


You're not suppose to discharge your taser without a target of conduction, otherwise your taser gets phoked up and 12MV is gonna go inside the target and not in the air gap


These things are pretty well built if it's like the one I got (looks similar).. and they're good to have, just don't trust your life to it.

Kind of an important note.. these don't work like Tasers - this won't paralyze anyone or drop an attacker, they function only on a "pain compliance" level, which basically means they hurt like hell.. but more than anything they're intimidating and loud.
I'd recommend a .380ACP as a good alternative that's about the same size :)

Here's a video of a kid getting shocked by one: