dealslg 42lm3400 42" 1080p 60hz cinema 3d led hdtv for…


A 60 hz. 3D TV?? This could not be impressive. This is actually a leftover black Friday model, ignore it.


It's passive/"cinema" 3D which splits the resolution per eye, not an active set where it would necessarily need high refresh rate to split frames per eye.

I don't know much about this set specifically, but just browsing Google it seems to get decent reviews.



Like joshuajslone stated, it is a passive 3Dtv, thus it does not need as high of a refresh rate as an active shutter 3Dtv needs. The unit has good reviews if you actually look around, instead of trying to be critical on what you do not know about.


The same sale has the 47 inch (120 Hz) 3D LG for $600 and the 55 inch 3D LG for $800.

vote-for4vote-against has the same TV for $399 including free shipping, and no tax for those states which do not have physical Frys locations.