dealsfast & furious: 1-5 bundle [blu-ray + digital…


Get in on the dead cash cow deal of the month!


@banaduchy: Exactly the comment I was gonna leave.


Dont crash in the race to savings!!!!


Regardless of the purpose of this sale, it's a good deal. You can sell the UV codes for $5 each and keep the Blu-Ray or keep the UV version and sell the BluRay. Either way you can probably work this out to be about a $10 cost.


I suggest that they were going to do this to sell based on the release of the 6th film of the franchise... and I was going to say that it's too soon to joke about this, but then I remembered that it's the internet.


Just an FYI - it is sold out, but Amazon doesn't care. They are selling this and will ship it when it comes in so fear not if you see a sold out sign. I got the "Sold Out" but still was able to order at the $36 price tag.