dealssony dualshock 3 wireless controller for…


Yes they are obviously counterfeit. look at the photos on the site, one of them clearly shows the "PS" button as "P3" what a joke....I mean, at least advertise it for what it is. It may be functional, but it is not genuine.


@jpdelancey: I googled "ps3 controller p3" and found some proof that these must be fakes. I'm killing the deal now.


@jpdelancey: Looks like a PS to me.
We've reached out to Daily Steals.

We'll keep you posted.


If you notice the images on our site of the PS3 controller were taken in-house and include one of our employees using the controller.
We mistakenly posted 2 images yesterday that were of the incorrect item. We guarantee 100% that the controllers are brand new Sony goods.


I have corrected the icon here and have deleted the repost.
Everything looks legitimate.


@jumbowoot: I just now got notification of all these comments. I had no idea all this was going on. Thanks for contacting DS and getting this sorted out.