dealssolar power external lithium ion battery charger…


I really like this item, but is this a reputable place to buy from?


@dudeyzerman: Kinda. My luck has been about 50% with them, the other 50% something happens: wrong item shipped, unusually long shipping, item was in a seemingly used condition (maybe a refurb) when it was supposed to be new. The return policy is kinda short if they take a long time to ship. It's a real gamble to deal with them.


lets go over them...

**up to 2600 mAh (milli Amp hours) rechargeable battery
up to? thats retarded & awesome the site doesnt list the batteries actual capacity

**Output current: 500 - 800 mA
800mAh? is pretty low/slow and this will not make Apple products happy (some requiring 2a connections)...I OWN NO APPLE, just saying, lol.

**29.00 strikeout to 7.49
these arent sold for $30 unless you goto any random physical store and ask to be raped

So, low mAh capacity, low output, and its from a questionable site.
My suggestion? Hop on ebay and find this exact pos for half of this advertised price and #Win

(though ive purchased some models like this before and imo? get a NewTrent, dont mess around with these pos crappy no-name'll be happier you spent $40-$80 on a NICELY large sized external battery).