dealsuh oh emergency underpants for $2.90


ohhhhh I like. Seems these were needed before Halloween though.


you get a vote purely on the pictures. ;)


The reviews are pretty funny and worth reading!


Did any one notice the "Product Ads from External Websites" that were underneath these? Three of them were from the Danbury Mint and were Obama tchotchkes. Twisted algorithm or what?


Hmmm multiple emergency underpants deals posted... You need emergency underwear when you crap... Crap? I've heard that before! BoC! The only explanation is... Woot-Off tomorrow!


According to Amazon reviewer "Spaceman" these undies will:

Performed CPR on my mother
- Saved a school of orphans after their boat sank
- Rescued 235 stray dogs
- Brought my dead grandmother back to life for Christmas
- Single-handedly stopped a 5-alarm apartment fire using only 1 gallon of Tuscan Milk
- Saved the life of at least 3 Presidents from yacht accidents/pretzel mishaps
Need I say more?

NO MAN! I'm in for 1,000!!!


These were originally developed & sold on Archie is the best!


I bought this at a novelty store, and put lingerie in the tin as a gag gift for a friend. The actual underwear that comes with it looks like a disposable adult diaper or something.

P.S. Pics are hilarious.