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This was originally my first choice when buying a new mouse, but I opted for a bluetooth by Logitech instead. One thing I like about this one is that the dongle is small enough to leave in the computer, even if you have a laptop. That being said, my concern was dropping my laptop on its side and not being able to remove the dongle thereafter. Still, a great deal.


Not a deal. You can frequently find these new for about the same price at your local big box or office supply store.


@ninkumpoop: Link please. I cant find it cheaper anywhere. Plus free shipping.


I bought this mouse a little while ago to travel with and it's pretty baller. The nano receiver is very small when plugged in and I haven't had to really take it out yet - although the back part of the mouse can be removed and the receiver and be put right inside - so there's no worry of it getting lost even if you don't want to leave it plugged in to the laptop.

The tilt function of the scroll wheel has also proven to be quite responsive and functional moreso than I had anticipated!

Being an avid gamer and being used to gaming mice where the DPI can be adjusted on the fly (Something I've found to be useful for work as well, actually - especially when accuracy is desired with things such as Visio projects) - that's one thing I wish this mouse had - but I understand that such a thing shouldn't be expected at the price point of this mouse.

I give it 5 stars!