dealsman of steel (blu-ray+dvd+ultraviolet combo pack…


Please don't post 'free shipping' in the heading if additional purchase is required. It is misleading. Not everyone has or wants Prime.


I'll save you $10: just catch the flu. It's more enjoyable.


Z the P-it says plus shipping. Don't know if that's a change from when you saw.

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I cannot believe that this is your first Amazon purchase. Their policy is always the same. The only time it varies is when they fulfill for a vendor. Then, the vendor's policy governs...I love Prime....Best $79 I ever spent...


Good find! It really is a great movie. Underrated for sure. Unfortunately, the minority of haters are very vocal about it!


Just watched this for the first time tonight. I think I will be jumping on this deal. My torrent quality didn't do this movie any justice.


I've never really followed Superman; all I really know about the series is what has permeated popular culture. Still, I found this film fairly enjoyable up to that rubbish action ending. Here's hoping the second film turns out better!


@fredwallace18: It's not a bad movie at all. Not the best movie of the year but I'd never consider it bad. I mean, sure it had its moments of wonky writing and pacing, but the action was some of the best of the year and the actors were all very believable in their roles, particularly Michael Shannon as Zod, who stood out a bit more.


i thought the movie was slow and boring for the most part.


I thought the beginning was interesting. I've never seen a writer actually delve into so much detail about the events leading up to Krypton's demise, so that was entertaining for me. I do think it was a little heavy on the action throughout and I did not enjoy Kevin Costner's Jonathan Kent. Otherwise, it was a pretty good movie. Better than the last one and they finally picked a believable Superman, again.


OP, thanks for the heads up on this deal. I grabbed mine...

The deal is dead now. Looks like you can all stop arguing :-)