dealsonkyo sks-ht540 7.1 channel home theater speaker…


I got one 3 years ago when I tried this, a Pioneer, and a HK receiver in my house.
In The 5th Element, there is a crinkle of shattered glass as the evil gets pummeld by missiles (near the beginning of the movie) -- this is the only receiver that duplicated that sound (DVD-Superbit edition),

Now, the bad:
Component switching - not much call for that, now is there. No HDMI (unless they updated the model).
Radio receiver is now toast (large 60 Hz hum). Fixed with a Goodwill radio unit.
Composite video (ack) now has a "horizontal line" that crawls upward.

I still use it, just not for video switching (HDMI does better!).
Having RCA and Optical digital inputs is handy.


Link goes to a 7.1 speaker set, which is what this model number is, not a complete home theater system, so no built in decoders....I have a similar set of speakers that came with an Onkyo system a few years ago, only complaint is that the front speakers are a bit on the large side to be stable on the tall stands I have for them.