dealsgibson les paul junior special electric guitar…


This is NOT a full Les Paul American model. It is a Jr. Special edition. Still a decent guitar but not the real deal.


@zippy the pinhead:

So Pinhead, what is a FULL Les Paul model? I own several Les Pauls......JR, Special, Studio, Studio Lite, Standard, and 2 Customs........I suppose that neither of those are FULL Les Paul models either, eh?


@bubbaisbald: I meant 'low-end' model, as in lower quality construction. I don't play Gibsons anymore having moved up to PRS & Taylor, but most players I know consider the Jr. models less than adequate for professional use, unlike the USA LP's in the Standard, Special & Custom categories. Similar like the USA Custom Shop Strat vs. all the imported models from various countries. Or the Ibanez JEM vs. all the other wannabes.