deals2 movie tickets + $100 egift card…


I have to know.. anyone done something similar before? Is the catch you can only use the restaurant gift cards in small increments like 5 bucks at a time? or what? Just curious this sounds too good to be true..


You can only use 1 restaurant-specific gift card per party per month. Don't ask me how they'd keep track of the number of times you use a gift card in a month. If it weren't for the movie tickets, this deal wouldn't be worth the hassle.


value of movie tickets $12 so even if you just use the tickets and one restaurant deal you have made your money back.

I think I'm in.


I live just north of sacramento,
It looks like all the restaurants are 10 miles away.
With the exception of a Hot Dog place and a sushi place.
I dont like sushi.

Nothing is a bike ride away


We don't have any really good restaurants that participate in our area, but we have used deals when on vacation. Sort of a pain to use (more complicated than just walking in and using a coupon), but saved a bunch of money.


Further, there is a minmum spending amount. It varies by the certificate amount and location. As an example, if you buy a $25 certficate, you'd then be required to spend a $50 minimum. It's kind of like a reverse groupon. And as another commenter said, there is a limit to the number of times you can go to the restaurant. I've used before. With all the restrictions its very rarely worth the hassle, unless you were planning on going to the restaurant and spending the minimum anyway.


Be careful with I have had them sell me "gift certificates" to restaurants that had been closed for months. Their response? You get store credit, not a refund.


I never thought the deals were much of a deal. When you calculate the savings and restrictions, spending limits, committing to using a restaurant that may go out of business etc a coupon may be the better way to go.
There are also plenty of half-price certificate deals I find that don't have the same restrictions.


I've had good luck in the past with, but lately every place I like to go has either limited it to the $5 certificates or no longer participates in the program. I was gonna grab this deal for my wife and I, but with the $100 certificate you need to spend $200, and even if we brought some friends, most of the places we go, we'd have a hard time hitting $200.

Still, if you've got a group of people who want to go somewhere, and then hit a movie afterwards, it's basically $6 for $100 off your bill, if you figure movie tickets are about $12 a pop.


I'll agree with everything said above concerning, adding only that I wish to control the tip, not have to pay their predetermined amount.

vote-for2vote-against isn't a scam or anything, but there's more strings attached than the cast of Thunderbirds and you have to be VERY, VERY careful of all the fine print. Also, be ready for less-than-great service as the places that take the certificates do so only grudgingly (be prepared to speak to a manager, etc... not stuff you want to do while meeting clients or on a date).