dealskitchenaid 5 quart professional plus stand mixer…


amazing deal. I have one and love it, bought it for much more than this.


BWAHAHAHAHA! """""" can offer a better price than Wootazon with all thier purchasing power. Hilarious (well, unless you got suckered n woot's "deal")


I got mine through this site! At the time there was also a Kitchenaid rebate, so my net cost was $194! I also got a $25 credit from Gilt to spend later, but I couldn't find anything else to buy! I guess I could buy another mixer and sell it on ebay!


They also have another one for 299 that is a 550w motor.
There is a manu refurb on ebay that is 600w motor {It's been posted here before}

Some have plastic attachments, and some stainless.
The artisans that have been on Woot were I think 325w or there abouts.
To remind this one is 450w

How does one know how much motor one needs ? It gets a little confusing and then I end up with nada.

Thanks for any insight you might have to offer.


@doublebowmore17: No it's not completely. The link doesn't take it directly to the mixer. You have to hunt a little for it on the site. It's there.
The $30 new customer is if you have a friend refer you and you get the 30 back for another purchase. At least that's all I ever saw at the sight. It's on the top of the page.


Does it make anyone else nervous that this is not refundable/returnable?


@r4ging8ull: Gilt has wonderful customer service. I had a problem with the first mixer I received (feet were uneven so it wobbled). They sent me a new one asap and paid return shipping on the first, no questions asked, very friendly. The only other problem I've ever had (item ordered was a 2-pack, only 1 was sent) was resolved just as easily. You can also go directly through KitchenAid - they have pretty good customer service too.


Does anyone know the specific Model Number of this? There is currently a $50 rebate but only on specific models.
Here's the link to the rebate form on Sam's Club's site but it is not Sam's Club specific: