dealsleatherman 831207 style cs clip-on multi-tool…


I bought one of these under the assumption that the new TSA rules would actually happen. (silly me) It has, however, replaced my other Leatherman as the one which I carry around, as all I really need is a box/plastic cutter, and this does the job at a fraction of the weight.

Don't think that it isn't useful just because of how small it is. (it's about a third the height of a business card, and about 90% the width of one)


This is perfect for clipping on to key rings. Easy to detach if your headed somewhere that won't allow small knives.


I have one of these, and I love it. The scissors are great, sharp and springy. The tweezers are hit or miss (The ones in mine are great, the ones in the tool I got for my mom were misaligned), the little knife is nice and sharp. It's tiny, about the length of a tube of chapstick.


I had one of these, and it was nice while it lasted... lost it after only a couple of weeks because it detaches from the keyring a little TOO easily (at least the one I had did).


@bradleyjx: did the new rules not take effect? will they not take effect or was it just too soon?


@philosopherott: From TSA:
“In order to accommodate further input from the Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC), which includes representatives from the aviation community, passenger advocates, law enforcement experts, and other stakeholders, TSA will temporarily delay implementation of changes to the Prohibited Items List, originally scheduled to go into effect April 25. This timing will enable TSA to incorporate the ASAC’s feedback about the changes to the Prohibited Items List and continue workforce training."

And I don't think this Leatherman would pass anyway. Does this multi-tool have a locking blade cause those are still banned under the new/proposed rules on blades shorter than 2.36".


No locking blade on this.

Echoing the above, I carry this thing everywhere and it's perfect for any little snipping or slicing you need to do during the day. And yes, the tweezers are pretty crappy.


Got one to go with my Leatherwoman... maybe she'll finally give me some Leathergrandchildren.


It looks like most, if not all of the Leatherman tools are heavily marked down on Amazon. Unless scissors are more useful to you than a needle nose style plier, I'd go for one of the other tools.