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@smith3408: I have only EVER let my dogs have one treat and that was the Waggin' Train Chicken Jerky Tenders that I brought at Walgreens. This treat is KILLING dogs and I KNOW that
was what killed my poor little Ginny. Ginny was only 6 years old and her favorite (and only) treat was the Chicken Jerky Tenders. Ginny was so tiny at 6 years old she was only 1 pound 5 ounces and we loved her very much. These treats killed my baby girl and I called the company and this is what they said "so far there haven't been ENOUGH death complaints to make it worty doing a recall"? I told tham that one death was too many. My vet said she has treated several dogs that ate this treat and she has a big sign in her office warning people NOT to feed anything (feed or treats) that comes from China. I wish all vets would do the same! This is a group on Facebook that has a lot of information
Animal Parents Against Pet Treats Made in China!!/groups/342467355771185/


Just to keep things in perspective, since numbers don't lie: This is all related to 2200 cases of canine illness, 360 canine deaths, 1 feline death, and there are approximately 78.2 million dogs in this country. We import 86 million pounds of pet food/treats from China, and that's what most people feed.


My son works as a Vet Tech at the animal trauma center here in Baltimore and he will not allow our dogs to have any chicken products made in China due to these lifer threatening illnesses. So not worth the risk


Yes...I would stay away too! Anything made in China is potentially deadly.


Stay away from these. My dog was sick and she was eating waggin train and milos kithcen treats. Both are being investigated for causing illness, kidney failure and death. After a trip to emergency, the vet, and blood work my dog is fine. We dont know for sure that these made her sick but there are thousands of complaints with the fda.


Just as an FYI, the jerky treats have been under investigation for killing a number of dogs. Not worth the risk of an expensive vet trip and possible death of my dogs, thank you very much. Here is the link, though there are more recent articles for anyone interested in doing their own research.


Privacy policy seems fine, and the process is simple. It says it could take up to 4 weeks for the sample to arrive. Oh well.

My cats say thanks. Or they would if they weren't too busy ignoring me.