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Buy one, shouldn't I get one? :)

You mean Buy One, Get One Free! :)

Wedit. We try to avoid free in the title.


Buy 2 get 1 free.
Buy 3 get 1 free.
Buy 4 get 1 free.
Buy all get 1 free.

There's something wrong with their offer for those who might want to get more than 2 (one being a paid one.)


Just place separate orders if you're getting multiples of 2. I just placed 2 separate orders for Columbiana & Faster and then The Other Guys & Starship Troopers.


FYI, some titles are starting to drift to backordered or sold out and no longer available.


Sadly these aren't shipping and some are only available in stores over 3 hours away... disappointing


Just ordered Lawrence of Arabia (which i've never seen) & Close encounters of the third kind (havent seen since i was a kid)


@dsmokay: They allowed me to check Shipping instead of Store Pickup, even for backordered titles. I wanted to check out "Columbiana" and "The Tourist", and with a $5 RewardZone certificate that I got for free, I'd paid $5.41 after tax. Woot!


Raid Redemption + Pirates = Kick butt martial arts action, and keep the kids happy!

$10.41 for two brand new blue rays with store pickup!


@pony99ca: How did you do that? My 'Shipping' selection is grayed out. I am willing to wait for back-ordered items, just don't want to miss the deal.


The Raid is one of the most overrated movies that I have ever seen. People need better taste in film. Furthermore, it was an insult to my intelligence.


There's the problem. You need to shut your brain off when you watch movies like The Raid. Watch it just for the action and violence. It's like watching a Michael Bay movie and then complaining about the plot. Don't get me wrong, I love his movies. At the same time I love dramas and intricate story lines as well. Take it for what it is


did site to store for Colombiana and 2012 (I've heard good things about colombiana and the CGi in 2012 is the sort of thing I enjoy seeing in eye popping 1080P cause it's pretty) the best buy on the way to college had them in stock so I ordered it online, picked it up later that day!


No Free shipping!
"Not Available for Shipping" When ordering. In store pick up only.


There were some titles that showed "backordered" when I placed my order but upon arrival at my chosen store, all but one title was available and this deal is available in store so I picked up another pair of BD's.

Note: This deal is available in-store as well as on-line (and the in stock items may well be different than the website).