dealsrotary tool kit - 80 piece set for $7.49


Picked up one of these for a project I had; spent $10 I think.

Well worth the money.


I, along with my friend who bought one, think this tool is about worthless. It just doesnt have enough torque to keep turning when you touch the surface you are trying to grind, smooth, polish, etc. With its inability to perform any work, its not a deal at any price. By the way, I bought this for $6.99 earlier this year.


I'v had one of these for about four years. At the price it is not a bad deal if you remember that with tools, you are getting what you pay for. Use mine for plastics. (conduit, kydex projects, etc)


@munkwoot: Used mine to cut off some nails in concrete blocks that wouldn't come out - had zero problem cutting them off flush. There were probably 25 nails or so to deal with. Only additional thing I bought were some diamond cutting disks.