dealsbuca di beppo dine in coupon $10 off $20 & bogo…


Buca left Omaha years ago. I miss it. It was the place I took my wife on our first date and the place I took her the night I proposed to her.

Their chicken piccata and garlic bread were amazing. I just wish there were still here so we could go back for our 10 year anniversary.


Their food is 'average' at best. Most of their small sizes are just under $20. Their large are around $35. Without a coupon this place is a total rip off. I am not paying $40 for pasta.

But... they have coupons pretty much 365, if you sign up for their mailing list. I (hate to admit it) frequent them often. Their drinks are surprisingly cheap.


I've never been so happy to see an entree price go up. The not-to-be-missed "Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken" is now $20.99 in my area so I can get it with the coupon now!