deals7mm polished black ceramic ring w/diamond set in…


I'd buy one of they took the gold and fake diamond out...


@justafreak: you could always just wear it so the diamond is pointed toward your palm?

I would buy one, but that does not look ceramic to me :\

Ceramic =/= trasparent


@tash it's not transparent, just a high polish shine reflecting the grain of the counter it's on.


@tash: I thought about that...but I'd still know the cheesy diamond was there.


The way I figure it...always get the biggest size of everything. That way, you're always getting the most for your money...

Bigger ring size = more material = MORE GOLD!

Same formula with pants...


Suggested Retail $249.95

Tanga Savings $229.96 (92%!)

I was going to comment but found myself speechless. I don't know what to critisize here; the ridiculousness of thinking that is a real suggested retail price, or the fact that someone would actually spend that in a jewlery shop (for this item).


I have to admit, it does look nice if you're into this sort of style. I'm not familiar with ceramic jewelry; anyone know how it compares to tungsten?


@ailanthus777: one is a metal. one is a fired clay?


They make Mk. IV body armor from ceramic. It can stop a high powered sniper rifle...

This is rated for 7.62x63 armor piercing rounds...

Maybe this ring can stop a bullet...that's gotta be it. Why else would it cost $250?


If you work on cars or with electricity etc- ceramic rings won't conduct electricity. They CAN still snag on things and rip your finger off though.


@skrutinizr: Thats what I was wondering. I know any ring will do damage to the finger if caught but this one is smooth around the edge. I agree on the fake diamond not needing to be there.

Google image wedding ring finger at your own risk. Glad I stopped wearing rings.


For anyone worried about if this would be unable to be cut off your finger, read below. I know this is in reference to tungsten carbide, but I'm willing to bet this is applicable to ceramic as well. -

A ring made out of tungsten carbide can be easily removed by cracking it into pieces with standard vice or vice-grip pliers. Standard ring cutters will not work.

To remove a tungsten carbide ring in an emergency situation, you can follow these simple steps:
- Clamp the vice-grip pliers loosely on the ring.
- Tighten slowly until you hear a crack.
- Remove vice-grip and place in another position on the ring.
- Repeat steps 1 through 3 until the material breaks away.
- Take care not to slide or rotate the cracked ring on the finger. If the ring contains an inlay of gold, or other soft materials, the inlay can be cut or clipped away in the usual fashion.



@rangerscott I couldn't resist!

btw, if you type in 'ring finger accident' this one comes up:

Be sure to scroll down to the preserved skin in the beer glass! omgwtf