dealsx-files - complete dvd seasons, each for $6.99


That is insane, does anyone else remember when these very first came to DVD and were like $100 a season? You young whippersnappers and your affordable sci-fi vidya discs...

Also, all nine seasons are available on Netflix instant streaming. Great deal though!


For the price of all seasons plus shipping, you could get Netflix or Amazon Prime for a year. Have tons more viewing content, plus the X-Files.


Yes, we all know about Netflix and Amazon Prime. I have Netflix and I love it. But a lot of people still like to have hard copies of their favorite shows. For me it's Breaking Bad and Mad Men, so I'm glad to see the prices on those sets starting to come down.


Sorry, nobody down here but the FBI's most unwanted.


I want to believe, that this is a good deal.


FYI, X-Files will be getting the full Blu-Ray remastering treatment (like Star Trek TNG) next year. But hey, $7 a season is way too good to pass up. I remember getting these for $40 apiece and they're worth every penny.


@randymilleriii: Great news! This showed scared the heck out of me when I was a kid, but these days the video quality kind of takes away from the atmosphere.


Expired, as the price is now listed as $30.99 for all of these.