dealshere's $5 on us - toys r us $5 in store coupon…


You cant use the same coupon print out with same code, but If you print these on different computers you get different code numbers. You can also pull it up on your phone. Four computers & two phones equals 6 $5 off coupons. One for me, wife, each kid.


Way too many restrictions considering you spend half that amount to just drive there. I guess if you are going there any way, and somehow find your way around the restrictions, then it's worth it.


restrictions.. if your buys a toy and not something for a baby its easy i went in found 4 things on clearance for 6 bucks each and just left and went to a different line 4 times.. so yeah it is worth it..


me, wife, and 3 kids each visited 3 toys r us stores today. $75 worth of free stuff.

still have 14 coupons, will be back later in the week, lol!


It's one of the better TRU coupons. Most restrict more things. This it's mostly just formula,diapers,game hardware and higher end electronics. Even if you don't really want anything,you can go in and get some candy and sodas for free.


Forgive my newness, but how do you use the coupon through a cell phone?

I've got a droid phone, and a couple of pc's. I've printed out on the pc's but would like to know how to get those coupons through our phones too.


@kamikazeken: How did you get 19 coupons? You have 19 devices?


If everyone and their mother would print one and go buy a $5 toy to donate to toys for tots (they have some good toddler toys for that price) lotsa kids could get presents courtesy of Toys R Us!


@rabidmonkeyoncrack: 4 celphones in the family, 6 computers in the home, and access to 9 or 10 other computers.